Uber driving requirements

Do you want to know about Uber driving requirements?

Looking for a job behind the wheel? There are many driving jobs out there that could bring you extra cash. Some of them require a lot of qualifications and some of them only ask for you to have a driving license. Choose the right driving job for you, which allows you earn money using your own car and working when you feel like working. What is Uber driving all about? What are the Uber driving requirements you need?  Get ready to learn a lot more!

What is an Uber?

Uber is unique transportation company that started developing in 2012 and from then started expanding fast and to grow stronger. It’s available in more the 500 cities from the whole world since 2016. Every person that owns a car and a driving license can earn extra money driving people that need a ride around. Giving you a chance to schedule your own work time and work without any boss.

You will be paid instantly through the Uber app, getting 80% of the fair.

If you want to try being an Uber driver to see if this kind of work is the right for you, you can do it right away. Even if you don’t own a car, you can rent a vehicle according to the Uber standards to check if this driving job fulfills your needs.

No commitment, start working as an Uber driver and stop whenever you think you had enough. Being an Uber driver in the US has its perks. All you need is to fulfill the Uber driving requirements.

Uber driving requirements

The perks of deciding to become an Uber driver: free signing up, getting 80% of the fair, being your own boss and creating your own work hours.

This is the most flexible and the easiest way to earn money. There are no commitments. You only need to fulfill the minimal Uber driving requirements.

There are few categories of Uber driving requirements:

  1. Uber driving requirements for age
  • You need to be at least 21 years old
  • Must have at least 3 years of driving experience
  • In case of moving in another state, you must verify your driving history
  1. Background check requirements
  • Completely clean driving records
  • No driving offenses
  • No accidents or other driving incidents
  • Driver can not have a criminal record
  1. Uber driving requirements for the car:
  • The car must be a 4-door car
  • Must have place to seat 4-5 people plus the driver
  • The car needs to be at least the year 2001 or newer
  • The car must be registered
  • No taxi marks on the vehicle
  • The car must pass the Uber inspection
  • You must have insurance for the vehicle in your name


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