How much does an Uber driver make

How much does an Uber driver make?

If you’re looking for a part time job to earn some extra cash, one of best choices you have is to become an Uber driver. Without any special requirements, all you need is to have your own car and of course, a driving license. It is about creating your own work schedule and choosing a number of work hours, without any long-term commitments and bosses giving you orders. But, is it the right job for you?  How much does an Uber driver make?

Benefits of Uber Driving

Before you decide to try Uber driving, you should learn about every aspect of being an Uber driver. Does this job have any benefits? Can you handle it? Is it worth it working under your terms?

Benefits of becoming an Uber driver:

  • Complete flexibility. The Uber driver is the only person that can decide when he wants to work and how many hours daily he likes to drive. You will be the only creator of your work schedule.
  • No bosses. As an Uber driver, no one will boss you around and tell you how to work and when to work. Of course, there are managers that supervise your work from above but the main perk is that you are your own boss while Uber driving.
  • The pricing. No matter of the price, the Uber driver gets 80% from the whole fare.
  • Instant paying. You can receive payment on a weekly basis on your bank account or you can use Instant Pay to get your earning immediately on your debit card.
  • No special training and licenses. All you need is to own a driving license, be at least 21 years old and sign up on the Uber website for free.
  • No commitments. You can stop working anytime.
  • Visiting new places and meeting new people. It’s always a perk to meet new people and visit places you’ve never been before or you wanted to visit. With driving people around the city, you can get to know your city better.

Becoming an Uber driver can be a perfect job for people that are in need for a part time job or a temporary job to earn some extra money. But exactly how much does an Uber driver make?

Tips to earn more money Uber driving

The things you need to know to make your Uber driving experience easier:

  • Being on the road for hours requires for the driver to keep comfortable in the car. Supply for yourself food and water. That way you will not waste money eating outside.
  • Choose destinations that will bring you more money, like airports.
  • Early mornings and late nights are the perfect time for earning more money Uber driving.
  • Drive mostly in the center of the city because that’s where people mostly look for rides.
  • Good ratings from passengers will get you more driving offers. Provide good service.
  • Get to know your area to avoid driving endlessly.

Knowing the benefits and the rates will help you decide if Uber driving is the right job for you.

Obviously, there are many benefits of becoming an Uber driver. The best thing about this job is the flexible time and being your own boss. But, do Uber drivers make enough money?

The answer for ‘’how much does an Uber driver make?’’ is simple: the longer you drive daily, more money you will earn. It is well known that an average Uber driver for 35-45 hours weekly driving, can earn up to $2000, sometimes even more. Depending on the destinations, the fare is variable. Longer the trip, the bigger fare for the Uber driver.  Be aware that being an Uber driver means that you must pay the service fee, your taxes and the expenses for the car you drive will be your responsibility.


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