I’ve been working as mechanic/ grease monkey, well you get the idea. I began this website to help people on a level that I can’t in the store.

You are going to learn the little things that you need to know when buying tires or other auto parts, plus what you can do to extend the life of your vehicle.

This website was constructed to help everyone. It will not matter what kind of car you possess. Many of the things I talk about don’t apply to only one type of car.

In addition, please realize the information comes from me. It will not represent any company. Anything that I do or say is my own. These are all suggestions with the understanding that everyone’s situation is different so I’m not liable for any issues that my advice may cause. Lastly, I want to provide the best advice that I can and recommend products. Since everyone is in a different location, I’ve decided that the best approach is to recommend items through Amazon and I am an Amazon affiliate. Having said that, my recommendations are based on my knowledge and customer recommendations, not commissions.

One other things you should understand I’m not a writer. I spell things wrong, I compose exactly the same way I speak. I use tenses and incorrect punctuation. I don’t care, don’t grammar Nazi me. Pay attention to the message



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